A/V Auditorium Support


Creative Services provides a number of services for presenters in Ramsey Auditorium in Wilson Hall.

  • Data / Video projection in Ramsey Auditorium
  • Public address systems
  • Display easels
  • Conference phones
  • Streamed video for replay on the web

Room Coverage

We can provide audio visual multimedia equipment to Ramsey Auditorium in Wilson Hall, on a first-come, first serve basis.


Any request for auditorium support needs to be scheduled through Creative Services.

If you are filling out a facilities request form while arranging for your meeting in Ramsey Auditorium, please include as much detail as possible in the audio/visual needed area.

If you are requesting any audio visual multimedia services, please schedule an additional 30 minutes prior to your meeting start time to allow for setup. It is difficult to do a setup if the prior meeting is just leaving when you are trying to start!

Last minute requests will be handled based on availability of staff and equipment resources.

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Scope of A/V Support Service

We provide direct services to the Ramsey Auditorium in Wilson Hall. The level of service will vary from equipment checkout to full multimedia technician services, based upon scheduling and resource availability.

For setup and operation in meeting rooms other than Ramsey Auditorium and in buildings outside of Wilson Hall, prior arrangement must be made with videoconf@fnal.gov.

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