Video Production Services


Creative Services provides a number of video production services.

Video Projects

Video services are available from Creative Services upon request.

Projects range from a simple recording of a test or a lecture to a fully scripted, edited, finished production.

Employee training, education, equipment documentation, periodic progress reports and time lapse studies are examples of programs produced by Creative Services.

The process:

  • To start a video project, a meeting is held to identify objectives and describe the intended audience.
  • A treatment outline will be written and distributed to client.
  • Before production begins, the client reviews the treatment outline and modifies any objectives, content and approach.

Productions vary widely, so this consultation with Creative Services provides you with costs and lead times. Typically, in-house production services are not charged back, but out-of-pocket expenses, including materials, are charged back to the customer.

2-D and 3-D graphics and animations are created to a limited extent in house, but we maintain relationships with vendors to provide higher-quality graphics and animations.

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Video Digitizing and Digital File Conversion

Video animations, file footage or complete edited video programs can be digitized into various digital video file formats that will allow for inclusion into multi-media programming, web pages or stand-alone digital visual information.

We can provide digital video in most current formats.

There are many variations of digital video, therefore we recommend you contact us for consultation.

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"Do-It-Yourself" Camcorder Recording

Lectures and simple work-related video recordings (requiring no editing) can be handled on a do-it yourself basis and is made available through camcorders that can be checked out and operated by employees and users.

A short in-service explanation of equipment operation will be provided.

The recordings are made on memory cards which can be offloaded for your use.

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DVD and BluRay Production

Creative Services has capabilities to author DVD and BluRay discs.

Small-volume duplication of DVDs is available in house. For large volume replication, we can arrange for contracted services.

BluRay duplication is done offsite at an additional cost.

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Contact us at extension 3349 or by email for details on production scheduling and costs.