Official laboratory photography is supported through the Creative Services Department. We offer a wide range of products including professional studio and location photography. Our images are used for all types of internal and external communication products, as well as scientific reviews, posters and journals. We provide photography support for all people associated with the Lab, from funding agencies and users, to employees and subcontractors.

Typical types of photography assignments

  • Portraits either in studio or on location
  • Studio photos of large and small objects
  • On-site and off-site location photography
  • Illustrative magazine style photos for publications
  • Photography of VIP visits and tours, special events and open houses
  • Large groups of employees and experimental collaborations
  • Documentation of civil construction activities
  • Documentation of accelerator or experimental hardware
  • Documentation of experimental results and engineering studies
  • Outdoor nature photography of the Fermilab site
  • Architectural photography
  • Aerial photography of the Fermilab site

Creative Services maintains a searchable database of all images we take with an interface on the Web. We are also responsible for maintaining the historical negatives and images of Fermilab dating back to the start of the Lab in 1968.

Appointments can be made for photography by calling our office at extension 3349 or by email at Creative Services.

Photographic prints can be ordered online here.

We also offer film-scanning services of our historical film archive.