Graphic Design

Graphic design projects run the gamut from small buttons to large posters and displays. Our design efforts help support and enhance strategic communications with funding agencies, stakeholders, the general public, employees, users and the particle physics community both nationally and internationally. Creative Services provides design support for people associated with the Lab, from funding agencies and users, to employees and subcontractors.

Typical types of design projects

  • Printed materials used to engage and inform people about Fermilab
  • Public displays for on and off-site uses
  • Posters for advertising scientific conferences held at the Lab
  • Posters on safety and workplace issues for communicating with employees
  • Directional and informational signage throughout the Lab

Designs created by Creative Services may be printed by submitting the final design file or files to Fermilab Print Services or by emailing

Graphic design projects are scheduled after an initial client meeting to discuss scope, audience, budget and deadlines. Initial client meeting appointments can be made for design services by calling our office at extension 3349 or by email.